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Vietnam prepares to begin a new chapter in labour organizing

Starting in 2021, Vietnam will allow the creation of new worker representative organizations not affiliated with the official trade union.
07 September 2020

Cambodia’s never-ending demand for cement is putting workers’ lives at risk

Chinese-invested cement companies eager to cash in on Cambodia’s building boom are paying scant regard to safety
30 June 2020

Bangalore garment workers fight for basic rights as production resumes after lockdown

A group of 150 women workers who were forced to return to their home villages during lockdown are now fighting for the right to return to work.
18 June 2020

Students and trade union fight to prevent university from outsourcing sanitation work

The outsourcing of cleaning services at universities is a global problem that requires a global response.
14 May 2020

Workers’ struggles echo around the world as pandemic spreads

On May Day this year, we highlight the struggle of workers in China and around the world to protect their health and livelihood during the coronavirus pandemic
01 May 2020

Covid-19 and the crisis of informal labour in India

As India’s national lockdown continues, P.K. Anand argues the time has come for the government to wake up to the reality of Indian labour relations.
13 April 2020

Hong Kong’s new health workers’ trade union was a long time coming

The unprecedented strike this month by Hong Kong health workers involved nearly 8,000 workers at its peak and marked the beginning of a new era of worker activism in Hong Kong.
18 February 2020

Understanding worker protests at Chinese enterprises in Vietnam

Low pay, poor working conditions and abusive managers are well documented at many Chinese-owned enterprises in Vietnam, as are the strikes and protests staged by workers in response. Joe Buckley examines several recent such protests and suggests that these problems are not just confined to Chinese enterprises but are found across Vietnam, regardless of enterprise ownership.
11 November 2019

China’s unsafe work practices replicated on Cambodia’s construction sites

One month after a deadly building site collapse that killed 28 people in Sihanoukville, little has changed for Cambodia’s construction workers. 
22 July 2019

Tower crane operators across China organise Labour Day strike over low pay

Tower crane operators have been staging protests across China over the last week and yesterday organised a remarkable nationwide strike demanding better pay and working conditions.
02 May 2018
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