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14 workers dead after company bus submerged in flood water in Hebei province

On 11 October, a company bus carrying 51 commuting workers sank into flood waters while crossing a bridge in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. The bus was transporting day shift workers to Jingye Group Co., Ltd, located 15 kilometers away from the accident scene in Pingshan county.
18 October 2021

China’s food delivery workers take action while the union idles

Food delivery workers in several major cities went on strike at the end of June in protest at pay cuts and the draconian policies imposed by the online platforms that dominate the market.
06 July 2021

Trade union officials seek to deflect responsibility after truck driver suicide

Following the tragic death of truck driver Jin Deqiang, CLB called local trade union officials to ask what they were doing to protect truck drivers’ rights.
11 June 2021

Truck driver suicide sparks anger over poor-quality vehicle tracking system

Truck driver Jin Deqiang took his own life on 5 April after he was fined 2,000 yuan for driving while his satellite positioning system was offline. Jin was stopped at a checkpoint in Tangshan, Hebei. After officials insisted he pay a fine, Jin drank a bottle of pesticide. 
13 April 2021

An introduction to China Labour Bulletin's Workers’ Calls-for-Help Map

China Labour Bulletin has, since September 2020, collected notable calls for help from workers and added them to a new database.
26 November 2020

China’s embattled taxi drivers take action against threat from e-bikes

China’s taxi drivers, who are still struggling to recover from the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, are facing a new threat to their livelihoods. Several tech companies are promoting electric bicycle sharing schemes in urban areas, drawing even more customers away from taxis. Taxi drivers are responding with direct action.
19 August 2020

Workers’ rights and labour relations in China

What rights do workers have under the law? How is the law enforced? And what is the role of the trade union etc? CLB provides succinct answers to these frequently asked questions about labour relations in China.
30 June 2020

Transport company in tanker explosion repeatedly violated safety standards

At least 19 people were killed and another 172 injured when a fuel tanker exploded on a highway outside the coastal town of Wenling in Zhejiang on Saturday. 
15 June 2020

Work safety

China is undeniably a safer place to work than it was a decade ago. However, accident rates, death tolls and the incidence of occupational disease are all still comparatively high. New work hazards have emerged as the economy develops, and many employers continue to prioritise productivity and profit well above work safety.
12 May 2020

Harsh penalties for accidents do little to improve work safety in China

On 24 April, the courts in Fengcheng, Jiangxi, sentenced 28 enterprise managers and officials to prison terms of up to 18 years for their role in one of China’s biggest construction site accidents in recent years.
07 May 2020
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