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Staff laid off from online car trading platform stage protests across China

RenRenChe staff storm company headquarters in Beijing

Around 100 workers staged a protest at the company’s headquarters in Beijing on the morning of 19 February. The workers demanded payment of their February salary, performance bonus and lay-off compensation after the company suddenly announced redundancies the day before.

The company promised to come up with a compensation plan by ten o'clock but failed to deliver. In response, the workers blocked the outer doors of the office building to prevent managers from leaving. Security guards initially prevented staff from entering the building but the workers eventually forced their way in and jumped the barriers. They were met by a company official who promised to negotiate but then promptly disappeared.

The workers are reportedly yet to be compensated but are reluctant to file a lawsuit against the company because they want to show respect to the management. Yet, staff have also complained that working at the company has greatly damaged their health, and are disappointed that the company has treated them as mere disposable labour.

Staff in Chengdu offered token compensation after protest

More than 30 RenRenChe staff in Chengdu staged a protest on 23 February demanding payment of wage arrears and lay-off compensation. Staff told local media that they had been blocked from the company app for more than a week with no explanation from management.

Sales staff, analysts and administrators were simply laid off, with wages and performance bonuses unpaid. Staff noted that at one point in 2018, the company had about 200 sales staff in Chengdu, however that number had fallen to just 30 one year later. The remaining staff were given harsh sales targets and required to sell at least ten vehicles a month.

A company representative met staff on the afternoon of 23 February and offered a one-time deal of 3,000 yuan for each employee, a compensation package significantly lower than the amount required by law. Some workers reluctantly accepted the deal but others are reportedly holding out for better terms.

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