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The Nation: Wage rises may not end unrest

abour rights campaigners have warned that more industrial discontent is likely in China despite a round of minimum wage increases that took effect yesterday. The minimum pay rates in at least nine provinces and cities were increased, in some cases by as much as a third, after a series of strikes over pay at manufacturing plants.
02 July 2010

On strikes at Honda and Toyota factories, plus a discussion about the changing demographics of the workforce

In this episode, William Nee and Geoffrey Crothall discuss the Honda and Toyota strikes, worker anger, trainees, the role of the union, and the new attitude of young migrant workers.
21 June 2010

Injured miner exemplifies the “informed disenchantment” of China’s workers seeking redress

When Xia Shihua was disabled in a mining accident, he sued the mine for compensation but was frustrated on three occasions by the obstacles thrown in his way by the courts and his former employer.
22 June 2010

Henan coal mine blast highlights collusion between mine owners and local officials

At least 47 miners were killed and dozens more severely injured when an explosion ripped through a privately-run coal mine in Henan in the early hours of Monday morning. The Xingdong No 2 coal mine in Pingdingshan had been operating without a valid licence since 6 June, the official Xinhua news agency reported
22 June 2010

New strikes hit China’s automotive sector as workers at other plants negotiate deals

Two new strikes have halted production at Japanese-owned automotive components and assembly plants in Guangzhou. Workers at NHK-UNI Spring (Guangzhou) went on strike Tuesday, after workers at Denso (Guangzhou Nansha), which supplies fuel injection equipment to Honda and Toyota, walked off the job on Monday demanding higher pay and better benefits.
22 June 2010

The strike that ignited China's summer of worker protests

In May and early June 2010, a two-week-long strike involving more than a thousand workers at the Honda transmission plant in Foshan triggered a wave of strikes across China.
16 September 2010

SCMP: Strikes expose fatally flawed union system

"Every month we pay five yuan out of our pockets to the union, but I don't know what for," fumed a worker at the Honda Auto Parts factory in Foshan , Guangdong, where workers went on strike last month. Workers at the factory, which employs about 1,900 people, downed tools to demand a pay rise. Things turned sour when representatives of the local branch of the official Communist Party-controlled All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) stepped in to mediate but ended up scuffling with workers. Some workers said union staff had beaten them. "That was bizarre," said the worker, referring to the incident. "I don't know who those people were and I don't know what they do."
23 June 2010

Echoes of workers’ struggle in apartheid-era South Africa in China’s factories today

China and South Africa are of course historically, socially and economically very different but the similarities in the development of strike action in Durban in the 1970s, where one strike led to more than one hundred others, and the strikes in the Pearl River Delta today do invite examination.
25 June 2010

Canadian Press: iPhone-maker Foxconn holds rallies in attempt to boost morale after worker suicides in China

Following a string of suicides at its Chinese factories, Foxconn Technology Group raised workers' wages and installed safety nets on buildings to catch would-be jumpers. Now the often secretive manufacturer of the iPhone and other electronics is holding rallies for its workers to raise morale at the heavily regimented factories.
18 August 2010

SCMP: Strikers feel force of Tianjin's heavier hand

As Honda workers in Guangdong savour their pay rises gained through strategy and persistence, strikes at Toyota supplier factories in Tianjin last week appeared much less organised and crumbled at the early intervention of police and officials. From the workers' perspectives, Guangdong and Tianjin could not be more different in terms of the way the strikes were handled and their effectiveness. Even within the same company, strikes at Toyota parts suppliers in the southern manufacturing hub this week led to a three-day production halt at Guangqi Toyota, while similar strikes in the northeastern municipality held out only long enough to delay production at FAW Toyota by one day.
25 June 2010
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